TERA Online Strategy Guide

If you have been looking for a great TERA guide, look no further. This TERA Online strategy guide covers everything you need to know about this MMORPG, from classes to crafting.

If you have not yet heard about TERA Online, this game is an MMORPG from the newcomer EnMasse Entertainment. Tera Online was actually previously released in Asia by Bluehole Studio in January 2011. The name full name of TERA is actually The Exiled Realm of Arborea, hence the capitalization of the title TERA.

Since the creators of TERA Online have stated that they are looking to innovate in the MMO space rather than produce a copycat game, there are many new and unique game systems available in TERA Online that you will not see in other games. Our TERA guide will help you understand how these mechanics work and how you can use them to your advantage.

The place most people like to get started with TERA Online is our class guides. There are eight total class guides in TERA and over time we will be building up this site to include guides on all 8 classes. Check out the class guides below to find out more about each class:

TERA Guide – Things You Should Know

There are a lot of things that make TERA Online different from other MMORPGs. For the rest of this TERA strategy guide, we will be revealing these differences so you know exactly what to expect in-game:

  • Attacks have range and have to be aimed. In TERA, many skills have an ideal range. For example, while the Archer’s basic arrow attack can be shot from range, it will deal more damage if you are close to your target. Additionally, many skills actually require that you aim cross-hairs at your target in order to use them. Some skills even “lock on” to a target, where after you aim at them (the monster will glow green if you aim over it), you can use the lock-on ability which will then attack that particular target.
  • Enrage Effects Are Common. Many enemies in TERA can become enraged.When an enemy starts glowing red, it will start dealing a lot more damage but also take more damage. You need to be careful about dodging enraged attacks as well as not enraging multiple opponents at the same time.
  • Monster Size is Important. Unlike practically every other MMORPG in existence, TERA takes the logical step of coordinating monster size with difficulty. Big monsters tend to be very strong (confirmed when a monster has a Skull icon next to its name) whereas small monsters tend to be weak. In fact, you actually have separate armor ratings for small monsters versus regular monsters; armor usually offers better protection against small enemies than weak ones.
  • Gear Effectiveness is Based on Level. In TERA, as you reach higher levels, your old equipment becomes less and less effective. This is not simply because you outlevel the stats but the actual level differential between your gear and your level reduces the effectiveness of it. Ideally your gear level and character level should match.
  • Running Out of Stamina May Cause Fatigue. In TERA, you have something known as Stamina which you need in order to move around and fight in the game. If your stamina gets low, you may experience the Fatigue debuff which lowers your maximum HP and MP. In order to get it back, you have to rest. You can do this by setting up a campfire. You can buy campfires from vendors and also find them off drops, but either way you will need some for our journey throughout TERA.

TERA Online Strategy Guide

By following the tips and tricks listed above and reading the guides throughout this TERA guide, you will be well on your way to mastering TERA online. Good luck and check back often for more updates!

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