Tera Elin Racial Abilities Guide

Elin are very much like druids, they want to protect nature above anything else, being an all female race the closest thing to a male equivalent is the Popori, which the Elin played a hand in creating.

Despite their child-like appearances the Elin are said to be incredibly old and wise; the other races find the Elin rather peculiar because of this.

Elin Racial Abilities:

Soothing presence: No aggro from monsters by walking by them, 1 hour cool down (Active)

I can not see much of a use to this skill, personally. None of the mobs in the starting area aggro just by standing near them so you will only ever get some use out of it after that, even still you could just stay away from mobs or run by them if you did not want to fight.

Horizon Run: Speed up when out of combat, 30 minute cool down (Active)

I can see this one being useful if you need to get from A to B a little faster but I find that something like the Castanic’s Skirmish Running (which provides a speed up in combat rather than out of it) would be much more beneficial, being faster in battle would actually matter; getting to your destination a little faster is just a matter of time.

Botanist: Using their close ties to nature, the Elin can harvest plant life faster than the other races. (Passive) This is another one I canft see being all that useful, I suppose you could make things with the materials or sell them off but I donft think it would be as useful as gathering ores or forging weaponry.

Friendly Current: The Elin move faster in the water. (Passive) This is a very situational skill; could be useful if you are fighting in water or need to make a quick getaway and there just happens to be water near by. I would not rely on this skill to save you very often, however.

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Class Combos:

The Elin have absolutely no racial skills that tip them toward one class or the other, honestly they are rather useless and you would be much better opting for a different race, as most of them will work better with any other class than the Elin will.

To summarize, the Elin are really just there for eye candy, they are not particularly good at anything and their best racial abilities are just ones that make them slightly faster. Any other race can and probably will do better.

Peculiarly enough, the Popori race is basically just a carbon copy of the Elin; they have the exact same racial abilities and much like the Elin, will be outclassed by any of the other races in any class they take.

The Elin are a prime example of form over functionf and if that is something that really deeply matters to you, then you have found the perfect candidate. If you find the way they look rather off putting and think you would enjoy the skills they have to offer, then opt for the animalistic Popori.

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