TERA Online Berserker Guide

The TERA Berserker is a class that many players have a love-hate relationship with. In this TERA Berserker guide you will find out why as we reveal this class’s playstyle, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as give some tips on how to make the most of this class through abilities and glyphs.

TERA Berserker Gameplay & Playstyle

The Berserker is quite similar to the Slayer except in the area of speed and mobility. The Slayer has lighter armor, evasion moves, and quicker attacks. The Berserker gains heavier armor and more powerful attacks at the cost of speed and mobility.

The Berserker stars with no MP like other melee classes and uses combo attack to generate MP for its skills. It can also generate MP from being attacked and blocking attacks should you use the blocking glyph.

Like the Slayer, the Berserker naturally swings its weapon in broad strokes, allowing you to hit multiple enemies with a single attack. Try to keep groups of enemies clustered in front of you so you can hit them all with attacks.

The primary strengths of the Berserker are the huge crits and burst damage it can drop along with its uncanny ability to knock enemies on their back. If you can get on top of another character in PvP it is pretty easy to knock them over and burst them down in no time at all.

However, the Berserker’s weakness is that it has a hard time getting to opponents and dodging attacks due to its slow movement speed. While this is not a huge problem in PvE (except that you take more damage than other classes), it can be frustrating to PvP against skilled opponents.

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Instead of evasive roll, the Berserker gets Axe Block. You can use your Axe to block attacks and reduce the damage you take. You should do this for boss fights on attacks that you cannot avoid. Axe Block is not enough for the Berserker to tank though simply because this class has no threat generators like the Warrior or Lancer.

Playing with a healer or support class that can snare enemies makes Berserker PvP a lot more entertaining. In this situation, it is other enemies who find this class frustrating as once you close distance you can knock an opponent off their feet and burst them down quickly.

TERA Berserker Tips and Glyphs

When playing as a Berserker, your glyphs can help emphasize your strengths and cover your weaknesses. First off, consider that your skills can significantly can increase in strength when you charge them. Charging is not always the most efficient thing for all classes in PvE but the burst damage in PvP is great – if you can land them.

For example, take Flatten skill. This key ability is used to knock opponents on their back and it does good damage, making it a core skill for PvP and PvE. In fact, landing this skill in PvP is your primary strategy for taking down players. If you use Glyph of the Swift with this skill, you can cast it faster which makes it literally 10 times easier to land in PvP.

In addition to Glyph if the Swift, pick glyphs which increase the damage of your main abilities. For example, Glyph of Carving for Thunderstrike is awesome since landing a critical hit with this skill will ensure a kill on classes with lighter armor.

Picking the right glyphs as recommended in this TERA Berserker guide and learning to time your attacks appropriately will make playing Berserker a lot easier. The Berserker does deal a lot of burst damage but I would not recommend it for soloing in PvP – the Slayer or Warrior is much more mobile for that task. The Berserker does well in the areas of PvE damage and group PvP.

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