TERA Online Lancer Guide

The Lancer is the primary tanking class of TERA Online. In this TERA Online Lancer guide, you are going to discover what gameplay is like with the Lancer, what race to pick, and the basic strategies for playing the class.

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TERA Online Lancer Gameplay

Lancer is the primary tanking class in TERA Online. While other classes can do some tanking, Lancer is going to be your tank of choice for the strongest bosses. The Lancer wears the heaviest class of the armor in the game and can use a shield. Additionally, the Lancer has some threat generating abilities (i.e. taunts) whereas other classes really lack the ability to pull aggro in the same capacity.

The Lancer does not move around much like some of the other classes. Instead, the Lancer is a toe-to-toe melee fighter that is able to absorb large quantities of damage with its sword. Due to this feature, it does not need to dodge attacks like other classes.

The major downside of Lancer gameplay is the same problem with tanks in nearly all MMORPGs: they have to give up damage for defense. This makes them slower at killing enemies and leveling up than faster, more powerful classes like the Slayer.

I will say however that in most MMORPGs, tanking is the hardest job in the game. In TERA, I would not consider tanking to be the #1 most difficult job. Other MMOs typically task the tank with having to be aware of everything and responsible for the most difficult maneuvers, whereas this burden shifts more evenly amongst all the classes in TERA.

Race Combinations for the Lancer

While race and class combos are not make and break for other classes in TERA online, the Lancer definitely has a big advantage when choosing Aman. The defensive bonus when you are low on health is huge – you would have to be a fool to skip it. Additionally, physically big tanks are always useful since they are easier for group mates to actually see on the screen.

TERA Lancer Strategy Guide

Lancer gameplay is very simple, especially for MMORPG veterans. Unlike other classes which dodge in and out of combat, the Lancer does not have as many mobility skills. Instead, you use your shield to absorb damage. You can still dodge some very obvious power moves, but it is not as fast as the rolling ability of the Slayer.

The shield is the most exciting and strategical aspects of Lancer gameplay. One thing of interesting things about the TERA Lancer is that you can choose between using your shield or using your weapon. In other MMORPGs, the shield is usually a passive ability, whereas the Lancer may opt to hold his shield out instead of attacking.

Furthermore, if your groupmates stand behind you when you are shielding, they will take less damage from AoE attacks. Not only can you reduce your damage taken through your shield but you can also protect your party members.

The trick is to playing a Lancer in TERA Online is to generate a lot of threat while the BAM (abbreviation for bosses) is using weaker, regular attacks so you can throw your shield up during its more powerful attacks. This will reduce the damage you and your groupmates take.

TERA Lancer Guide

The Lancer is the tank of TERA Online. If you want to be the main tank for the most powerful enemies in-game, pick a Lancer. However, you should know that a class like the Slayer can tank small dungeons and simultaneously offer a better solo experience than the Lancer.

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