TERA Online Warrior Guide

The TERA Warrior class is the only 5-star difficulty class in the game, and for good reason. The TERA Warrior is not only difficult to play but also can be frustrating.

This TERA Warrior guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Warrior and whether or not you will even want to roll a Warrior. You should definitely read on if you are thinking about playing a Warrior because this guide might change your mind.

Warrior Strengths and Weaknesses – Know Your Role

The first thing we should talk about is Warrior tanking in TERA Online. The Warrior is really the only end-game tanking class aside from the Lancer. It is capable of tanking all end-game content.

However, just because it can tank all end-game content does not mean it should. The Warrior and Lancer have similar health and mitigation levels. In fact, in the best gear and right glyphs, the Warrior can actually end up with slightly higher base mitigation. That is, however, where the similarities end.

The Warrior has to dodge attacks (requiring movement) whereas the Lancer can just stand there and use its shield. Dodging attacks of top-tier enemies is not easy (hence the 5-star difficulty rating).

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Bad Warriors that do not dodge will get crushed by bosses (BAMs), which in general creates a bad name for the Warrior class. Even if you are the best Warrior in the world, many players will refuse to group with you as a tank because they have had bad experiences with less-skilled Warriors.

Additionally, even the best Warriors create problems for the group. Their constant moving requires healers and DPS to constantly adjust their position to be in healing range and to be at an optimal strike position, respectively.

Lancers on the other hand just sit there and press their shield button to block damage. Lancers are very easy to tank with and lend stability to boss fights, making Lancers infintely more desirable for group tanking than Warriors.

Fortunately, the Warrior is a pretty good DPS class and a great PvP class. It does similar damage to other DPS classes and the general lack of Warriors makes it easier to get gear. Warriors are particularly strong in PvP because they have a lot of stuns.

Other Warrior Weaknesses

While the Warrior is a great PvP class thanks to its variety of stuns, high mobility, and solid damage output, there are two more weaknesses of this class that you should know about. The first is that the Warrior is a really slow starter. It is a pretty miserable class to play until about level 20, and even then it is pretty slow until you reach the high 40s. Really, the Warrior does not start feeling really strong until you reach the level cap and get access to all the good glyphs.

Speaking of Glyphs, while the Warrior can tank and it can deal damage, it cannot do both at the same time. You will need to re-Glyph each time you want to change rolls. This is not a big deal, just do not expect to go into a dungeon and be a tank and a DPS at the same time (except for the situation below).

Warrior Strengths – Top Level Groups & Gear

One cool thing about the Warrior in TERA Online is that at max level when you are running with a highly skilled group, you can take on the games toughest 5-man content in a group with 1 Mystic and 4 DPS by using a Warrior tank to dodge most of the content. This group style requires good gear and the right skills, but your damage is so high you can actually fly through dungeons in a speed-run style of play. It is not for everyone though, but it is one positive thing you can take away from this TERA Warrior guide.

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